Q: Are you taking new Ph.D. students?

A: Yes, but my lab is quite full, so I’m not able to take as many as I used to.

Q: Can you answer my questions about applying to Stanford?

A: The best bet is to email aa-admissions@lists.stanford.edu.

Q: Do I have to be a Ph.D. student in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics to be in your lab?

A: No. I have plenty of Ph.D. students in other departments, e.g., Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering.

Q: Should I email you to let you know I applied to the M.S. or Ph.D. program?

A: No need to. The admissions committee of the department you applied to makes admissions decisions based on your full application package. Individual faculty do not admit students.

Q: I took your class a while ago and now we’re using some of the ideas from the class, and it’s really neat! Do you want to hear about it?

A: Yes! Also, with your permission, I can mention it in class as an example of an application!

Q: Can I meet with you?

A: Sure! Take a look at the calendar link and email me with a proposed time. There are little arrow buttons that allow you to change between weeks. I’m generally in the office on weekdays between 8:30am and 4:30pm.

Q: Do you take high school interns?

A: Yes, but only through the RISE program. If you qualify for this program, please apply here.

Q: Can I join your lab?

A: If you are a Stanford student, I would be very happy to discuss possibilities—even if you are not a graduate student in my department. Please suggest a time to meet and bring a CV and course transcript. If you are not a Stanford student yet, you can find admissions information here. I’m happy to talk with prospective students.

Q: I would like to do a summer internship, but I am not a Stanford student.

A: I do not currently have funding to support non-Stanford students. If you have a fellowship and bring your own funding, please be aware of Stanford’s fees for visiting student researchers (VSOs).

Q: I’m applying to Stanford. If I get in, can I join your lab?

A: I cannot promise a spot in my lab, but you are welcome to attend and participate in my lab meetings to see whether my lab is a good fit for you. I would also recommend taking AA228 offered in the fall quarter.

Q: How do I pronounce your name?

A: “My cull coke in dir fur” :-)

Q: I heard you have a really cool Instagram account, what is it?

A: @aiprof

Q: I heard you have a really cool map of Pomdpland. Where can I find it?

A: Here are the high resolution and the low resolution versions.